Sweet Treats; Dessert 🍰

Sweet Treats; Dessert 🍰

There's always room for it 🍧🍦🍫🍪🍰
Elyssa Tay
Elyssa Tay

New found favourite cake!!
You don’t usually get atap chee as an ingredient apart from in your traditional icy desserts so this was a great treat. Love the accompanying hints of rose in the cheese cake.

Saw the reviews on this and just had to try them out for myself and yes I finally knew what the hype was about.

The flakey texture was perfect with the rich creamy interior that flows out so well when you cut through it. Can have any cruffin for tea break - anytime.

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I get the hype over this.
The chocolate is super rich, dense enough and the taste just fills your entire mouth even with that small bite (we split ours into 8 small pieces btw).
Personally prefer this over the dark chocolate one because of the mix of texture and the occasional hint of pink salt so it doesn’t feel like it’s too much.

Double scoop in a waffle bowl - $9.50

FINALLY! I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate and I finally tried this for my own after hearing all about it. The chocolate was intense (which was good) and the waffle bowl was a good accompaniment to the ice cream.

For what’s supposedly 80%, it’s a little on the sweet side in my opinion. Wouldn’t say it’s the best dark chocolate ice cream I’ve had but would be open to trying their other desserts available. (I had really high expectations due to the heaps of hype and good reviews heard)


Differing from all the other reviews I left for this place, this on the other hand was simply A M A Z I N G !!

This needed awhile to prepare (maybe due to the crowd too) but definitely worth the wait. Served piping hot, the pudding had this smooth texture which gave a very nice contrast to the slight crisp to the sides/ends of the bread. Slightly towards the sweeter side but this is one I’ll come back specially for.

P/S: The bread used is their very own handmade fruit loaf by the way.


I think I’ve been living under a rock but I suppose it’s never too late! Was introduced to this by my colleague and it was amazing!

The muffin cost $2.50 which was very value for money the moment I took my first pinch. Served freshly baked from the oven, the top half had a really good crisp to it but yet retained enough moisture on the inside. Not forgetting the bits of chocolate chip in it that’s melted 🤤

Wasn’t as gelat as I thought it would be as well so it definitely lived up to the reputation and rave that my colleague built up prior to me trying it. Will def come back for more


Slightly disappointed with the lava cake as it didn't flow out as I expected. Apart from that, waffles and ice cream were pretty good and at wallet friendly price too


I tookaway a jar of earl grey misu and baileys choc. My sister and I are huge suckers for baileys dessert and we really loved the Bailey choc one which was just so smooth and creamy with the right amount of baileys. Personally I feel that the earl grey misu is just average and could have been better if there was more sponginess from the cake instead of being overpowered by cream. Perhaps the tiramisu one would be a better choice but that's something that I can't vouch for as of yet. Would definitely be back to try the other stuffs as they have a really nice peaceful area.

Documentation of my greedy hunt for food and daily coffee thats worth my calories 📷: @sometenggood

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