Dessert Army!

Dessert Army!

For the unending love of desserts. Enjoy!
Anthony Ali
Anthony Ali

I have this thing about traditional kueh. πŸ™† Like I can pass through a cake shop adoring their beautiful cakes, but not so much on wanting to eat em.

But with kueh, even when they look like plain squares, it's hard for me to resist one. Salivating. Right. Away.

☝ that up there was like thai durian sticky rice, but this one comes in bite-size! How was it? A.W.E.S.O.M.E. if you need a sugar boost [or just feels like treating your tastebuds] without the need to take a fancy photos, this is the way to go.

Ps. We need durian emoji.
🍴 Durian Salat
πŸ’° S$1.90
🏠 Bengawan Solo


Everything was on-point! [Except this phone-cam quality photo πŸ˜…]
Egg filling was silky smooth, super moist, and not overly sweet. That crust? Genius! Cripsy - like 1 crisp layer, not the pastry-messy kind. Like a mix between traditional and pastry crust. .
A bit more expensive than ur typical hawker center one, but promise u it worth every cent.
🍴 egg tart
πŸ’° S$1.70
🏠 Tong Heng delicacies
πŸ“ 285 South Bridge Road
πŸš… Chinatown / Telok Ayer MRT [est 400 / 500m of walk respectively]

Passed by orchard central the other day and saw a lot of people are holding these pretty -- plastic -- wine glass with it's oh-so-pretty ice cream EVERYWHERE, then saw another one on my friend's feed while he was in korea, apparently this thing is kinda famous there!
So why not give it a try, ya?
1st thing first -- it melts. Like 'snap' and melt. So get your cam ready!
Taste-wise I'd say it was okay. Good thing they didn't have a line when we're getting it, so.. twas fine. If i were to q for like half an hour for this, I'd be upset.
🍦 Original Tiramisu Ice-cream
πŸ’° S$6.90
🏠 Kiss The Tiramisu
πŸ“ Orchard Central
πŸš… Somerset MRT

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Go ahead, treat yourself a good bowl of this [affordable] cold taiwanese goodness! πŸ€—
Lovelovelove their ai-yu jelly -- smooth and has this winter-melon flavour! Out of their ai-yu series, i particularly like the ζ°΄ζžœζ™Άηƒηˆ±ηŽ‰ε†»! Consist of aloe vera pearl jelly, mango pearl jelly, konjac jelly, milk ball and taro balls
🍨 Fruity AI-YU Jelly
πŸ’° S$3.50
🏠 @NineFresh
πŸ“Ang Mo Kio Central -- Blk 703 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 [01-2533] S(560703)
🌏 [to find outlets nearest to you!]


πŸ€— It's finally weekend!! How's it going?
Grabbed this neighbourhood 'martabak' look-alike earlier in hope it'll sweeten my not-so-sweet day [ps. It didn't work]. Don't let the thin figure deceive you, it's not the all-crispy kind. Yes, the edge / outer part is, but not the middle. Thus, proceed with caution! 😊
Lastly, What's your usual to go flavour(s)?
🍴 Peanut x Chocolate pancake
πŸ’° S $1.70
πŸ“ S-11 Bishan 504 Food Court
🚝 Bishan MRT

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Yup, Sorbet! You've probably tried strawberry or lemon, but banana?

So I've heard of this menu called Reverse Smores -- never knew it's banana sorbet inside. Kinda hesitated to order when i read it on the spot, but you can't really mess up a banana dessert, can you? So there you go!

Dark-choco Thins topped with banana sorbet [and some white chocolate -- i believe], covered in lightly torched marshmallow, crowned with 3 beautiful caramel thins, seated on a beautiful wood-ish plate, in a cloud dome. [Inside-out description πŸ˜‚] If you love banana and have major sweet-tooth, opt for this! 😍
🍴 Reverse Smores
πŸ’° S$10
🏠 @fatcatsg
πŸ“ Blk 416 Bedok North Ave 2 [01-25]
πŸš… Bedok MRT

Oh! Hi there weekend! Lemme hug you one more time.. #weekendvibes
Finally embraced myself and my wallet [well, technically our -- cause i wasn't alone πŸ˜…], act 'atas' and went into Lady M. πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ I'd say that checkers cake up there was pretty good

But if you're trying for the 1st time, i'd really recommend the chocolate mille crepe [left side, behind -- which unfortunately wasn't mine πŸ˜…]. The signature mille crepe? Wouldn't want to spend a good $9.00 on that.
🍰 Checkers
πŸ’° S$9.00
🏠 Lady M @ladymsg
πŸ“ Orchard Central [01-27]


From the oh-so-hype churro stall.
My take? overrated.

A bit pricey as well.. 😊

Will i come back? Don't think so
🍴 red-velvet churro
πŸ’° S$5.00
🏠 loco loco sg
πŸš… Paya Lebar MRT


Introducing newest creation to @mrbeansg's wonderful line of pancake: Brownie Pancake 😍.
With fudge-filled toffee & walnut, this luscious treat was created to celebrate Mr Bean's 21st Anniversary [Launched on 3rd of June, it's literally 2 days old.] πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰. Come indulge yourself and celebrate #mrbeanturns21!

Had mine as a set with a cup of less-sweet warm soya milk. What a treat indeed. 😍
🍰 Brownie Pancake
πŸ’° S$2.50/S$2.00 [ala carte/as add ons]
🏠 Mr Bean
πŸ“ Had mine at Raffles Place MRT.

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Salted egg cheese tart λΉ„μΌœλΌβ—
Yeap..move !!!! Get out the way. πŸ˜‚Who needs salted egg tart when you have durian tart?? *or maybe it's just me* If you love durian, ☝ that up there was too good to be kept alone. So good I'm going to get more tomorrow! Warm, slightly crispy [pastry kind of pie], comes with generous durian filling sprinkled with sliced roasted almonds. Not overly sweet, nor crazy creamy -- 😍😍 no fancy store, no fancy name, and best? No fancy price.
🍴 Durian Almond Pie
πŸ’° S$1.30
🏠 Taaizi Polo
πŸ“ bought mine at Toa Payoh Central.


Polar has officially get their hands dirty and join #simisaialsosaltedegg gank! πŸ‘€ Tried this puff the other day, and honestly? It tasted okay... like nice-okay. Salted egg wasn't very overpowering -- overall it has this buttery-creamy taste. It wasn't so oozing perhaps cause i bought it the day before and reheat it in the morning. 😊
Have you heard? Have you tried it? What do you think?
🍴 Salted egg puff
πŸ’° S$2.00
🏠 Polar
πŸ“ Bought mine at Bugis Junction


nah, it rains sometimes πŸ˜‚
So, last sunday I had fun cafe-hopping with the humble couple behind . Taken on our first stop, @brotherbirdsg [@statelandcafe]. Beautiful, aren't they? Pleasing to the eye, and tastebuds. Too bad they're no longer serving taro ice cream [it's awesome] but yeah.. butter popcorn was pretty cool. Could be a bit bland eaten on it's own, but i guess that's what the cornflakes and popcorns are for. 😁 Can't wait to try their upcoming new donuts tho..!
🍦 Cookie Butter soft-serve [front] // Butter Popcorn soft-serve [back]
πŸ’° S$6.00 each
🏠 @brotherbirdsg
πŸ“ @statelandcafe / 32 Bali Lane, Singapore


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