Must Try

Must Try

Featuring Artistry, RONIN, Five & Dime, Dutch Colony Coffee Co. (Frankel Avenue), Rookery (Hong Leong Building), Sacha & Sons, The Quarters, Revelry, The Cold Pantry, The Holqa Cafe
Nicholas Tan
Nicholas Tan

Think Salted Egg dip, Satay Burger, Samsui Chicken with a western twist!

Ma Jie's Indulgence (SGD 18) - My Ma and my Jie will approve. One of the better chill crab pasta out there with a distinct crabby taste. Chili was not overpowering with a slight sweetness in it.

Location: Icon Village 01-09
Opening hours: 8am - 10pm (Mon-Fri), 10am - 10pm (Sat), 10am - 6pm (Sun)

[NEW Menu] [Harbourfront] [Launch: 10 Jul 2015] In conjunction with #SG50, Street 50 at Bay Hotel had launched an all [NEW] Golden Jubilee a la carte menu featuring cuisines with a local touch. So Chio, so pretty, how to resist? Get cracking (I mean on the caramelised sugar), because this sweet dessert will bring us sweet dreams!

Location: 50 Telok Blangah Road, Bay Hotel Lvl 1
Opening hours: 6am - 4am (Mon-Sun)

How often do you get to see your ice cream in such a beautiful and instagram worthy piece of art! Great effort made by the Fat Cat team!


Latke which is a potato pancake, tasted like a mini rosti. Topped with sour cream and fresh salmon that hints a tinge of freshness, one will not feel the overwhelming taste of creamy sour cream. Portion is just nice for a single person share, I mean I won't even want to share it with others because it's really well executed.


Having brunch at this NEW brunch place opened by the same owners from Wild Honey - The Reuben with pastrami that has such an intricate and intoxicating taste. Pastrami is thinly sliced and tender. Indeed, it lives up to Wild Honey's reputation of being one of the first brunch place in Singapore

At the official launch of 'I Want My Noodle' restaurant in Shaw centre where they sell their artisan egg noodles. Chose the lor bah noodle which is their signature dish and never regretted it. Springy and qq noodles that will make a lasting impression, topped with a well braised pork to make this dish a perfect one. The special in house chilli padi will set your tongue on fire and send raindrops down your forehead.

NEW cafe spotted - opened by former DJ Daniel Ong and his wife, former Ms Singapore Universe, Jaime Teo, owner of Twelve Cupcakes and Dulce & Sucre. This 4 days old cafe served crispy pork belly with meat that is crispy and crunchy. Love the fats that melts in the mouth and would appreciate if there is more fats!!

The awesome feeling when u sink your teeth into the warm hotteok and icy cold ice cream sends chill down your spine. Creative mix of ingredients and awesome flavours set my taste buds ablaze


Friend fresh oysters with juicy and succulent meat were sandwiched between the focaccia. Drizzled with spicy remoulade sauce that goes well with seafood dishes, this mayonnaise sauce adds a right punch to this dish.


With bacon, patty and sausage, it's burger packed with lots of meat even though it doesn't look huge. Love the peppery taste of the patty that is pretty well marinated. Crispy bacon wasn't too salty for my liking. A pity is that the greens are not chilled sufficiently so it's like eating warm raw veg...

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Their coffee is made from a five-bean blend roasted by Kanz that also supplies Spruce. It has a medium body with zero acidity! Yup this zero acidity totally surprises me and really suits me!


Who says you need a turkey for Thanksgiving? A duck confit still does its job well. With such a tender and flavourful duck confit thst has meat that is easily shredded from the bones, who can resist the temptation not to eat it? You will soon find yourself swallowing the entire thing without realising because it's so convenient to eat when everything comes off easily!

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