SG Cafe Hopping

SG Cafe Hopping

Featuring Strangers' Reunion, One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Chock Full Of Beans, The Assembly Ground (The Cathay), Atlas Coffeehouse, Brawn & Brains Coffee (Guillemard), Non Entrée Dessert Cafe, Old Hen Coffee Bar, The Bravery, NOM - Bistro & Bakery (Macpherson Community Club)
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim

Can’t go wrong with sticky date pudding as a sweet ending to the meal. Enjoyed the yogurt speculoos gelato!

A solid focaccia and butter combo - thought the addition of honey to the butter made it very appetising! Nothing to complain about!

We loved the freshness of the roasted cherry tomatoes topped with balsamic fig crema! It was light and quite refreshing for a starter.

The prawns were fresh and all but what made this a standout was the buttery and umami-laden sauce! Recommend getting some bread to mop up the tasty sauce!

The beef was cooked to a perfect medium rare, but it was the pairing with the coffee marmite butter that really elevated the whole taste!

This was so addictive that I almost finished the entire pork crackling by myself! Crispy with hints of spice!

We were over at Mandai Executive Golf Course recently, not to play golf but to have lunch at Golf Spot Cafe & Bistro.

~G-Spot Fountain Cheese Wagyu Beef Burger ($24.90)
~Fusion Aglio Olio Pasta (Prawn) ($12.90)
~Smoked Salmon Avocado Tartare w/ Tortilla Chips ($15.90)
~Wilderness Mushroom Soup w/ Sourdough ($7.90)

The popular dish here is the G-Spot Fountain Cheese Wagyu Beef Burger, and taste-wise it did not disappoint. We felt the addition of the melted cheese really elevated the overall taste of the burger (check out the vid of how the burger is served). However, don’t sleep on the Fusion Aglio Olio Pasta too, as it was really delicious, and we both agreed that this should be the star dish here! Not sure what went into the process of cooking the pasta, but it was so flavourful and full of umami! Highly recommended to order if you’re here! The Smoked Salmon Avocado Tartare w/ Tortilla Chips was a nice light starter to share while the Wilderness Mushroom Soup w/ Sourdough was pretty normal (not much to shout about).

There is no GST or service charge here, and they also have an ongoing weekday set lunch promo as well: 1 Main (selected dishes only), 1 Side & 1 Drink for only $15 nett from 11am to 3pm.

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Tiong Bahru Bakery has recently opened their newest outlet at Punggol Waterway Point. Besides their regular pastries (which I’m a huge fan of!), exclusive to this outlet is their all-day dining menu available from 10am daily!

We had some of the dishes from the exclusive menu like Cluckin' Amazin' Burger (CAB) ($22), Pull My Pork Croffle ($22) and Breakfast Croffle ($22). As I usually prefer stronger flavours for my food, the CAB and Pull My Pork Croffle really appealed to me! The CAB came with a huge-ass piece of crispy & juicy chicken patty, together with creamy gochujang dressing and picked cucumbers, and was so flavourful overall! The Pull My Pork Croffle was even yummier! The Mexican pulled pork went really well with the croissant waffle (which itself had a nice crispy & flaky texture), and when eaten together with the guacamole and sour cream, the flavours went up a notch!

We ended our meal with the indulgent Dessert Croffle ($14) that’s served with vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce.

We visited Old Habits last weekend, a cafe located at SAFRA Mount Faber. Upon stepping into the cafe, we were instantly transported back to a bygone era, with wall-to-wall displays of items from the past. From typewriters, gramophones, vinyl records to vintage toys and more, there’ll definitely be something here that will tickle your nostalgic bone (even the dining tables are repurposed from old sewing machines!). There are many cool spots for lifestyle shots too!

As for the food, we ordered their Half Seasalt Caramel Roast Chicken, Wagyu Beef Carbonara and Popcorn Chicken. We felt the food was pretty decent overall; our favourite dish was the Seasalt Caramel Roast Chicken, where the tender chicken meat paired well with the homemade seasalt caramel sauce!

The next time you’re in the area and looking for a cool retro place to chill at with your friends or family, I’d certainly recommend a visit to this place!

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Waga Waga Den is a new Japanese cafe at South Beach opened by the same group behind Black Cow. The ambience here is really sleek and stylish, and has a zen vibe to it - definitely a nice place to chill at!

~Cloud / Shaken Lychee Tea (both $8)
~Azuki Butter Broiche ($5)
~Dirty Oat Matcha ($9) / Cold Brew Hojicha ($7)
~Warabi Mochi ($8)

The most popular drink here is the Cloud, which is an iced cappuccino. I don’t drink coffee, so won’t be giving a review of its taste, but i’ve heard many good reviews, plus it’s definitely very IG-worthy too! What I did try was their Shaken Lychee Tea and Cold Brew Hojicha. The former was really refreshing, while the latter was smooth and aromatic!

Also tried some of their desserts - the Azuki Butter Brioche was really enjoyable with its charcoal brioche bun, slab of butter, and whole sweetened soft azuki beans! Think soft and buttery roll complemented with warm sweet beans that are amplified by the cold butter! The Warabi Mochi was pretty good too - soft, chewy and jiggly! It wasn’t too sweet, so it’s good for older folks too! They’ve got other food options like cake, sandwiches and croissant too if you’re not too keen on Japanese-style sweets.

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We visited The Communal Place for dinner recently:

~Octopus Chorizo ($18)
~Fish Taco ($14)
~Foie Gras # Miso ($26)
~St. Louis Pork Ribs ($28)
~Chocolate Dome ($21)

The Octopus Chorizo was yummy! Tender octopus chunks paired really well with chorizo sausage and Belgium mash! The Fish Taco was pretty good too! The beer-battered dory was really crispy, although I felt it was a tad dry when eaten together with the tortilla; more sauce would have been ideal. For the mains, we enjoyed the Foie Gras & Miso Linguine - pasta was al dente and nicely coated with the miso cream sauce. The foie gras had a good sear and was creamy inside too! As for the pork ribs, we felt that although the flavour was good, the meat could have been more tender.

Lastly, we ended our meal with the Chocolate Dome! This was fun to eat: We had to drop it onto the plate so that it’d break and reveal the components inside (see bottom right shot for reference). There's gelato, honeycomb, cheesecake, popping candy & berries, and it was quite an enjoyable dessert overall!

We also thought the Thai Basil Pork Fries was pretty interesting and tasty, and is a unique change from the usual truffle fries.


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