These are some of the Japanese food I have eaten. Hope you enjoy them too!
Hungry Ghost
Hungry Ghost

Tsukimi Hamburg’s hamburgs follow the golden ratio of US beef, pork and Miyazaki wagyu beef. The hamburg is paired with hitomebore rice and premium egg yolk airflown from Japan for the ultimate hamburg steak don.


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Yakiniku Ouji at 321 Clementi serves free-flow Japanese charcoal barbecue with more than 60 items to choose from, priced at S$24.30++, S$37.80++ and S$54.80++.


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Yakiniku Like is a Japanese barbecue restaurant chain where you can have quality A5 Miyazaki Karubi Wagyu at affordable price. There are individual counters for solo diners and you can customize your meats with the various sauces.


Ootoya serves wholesome and healthy traditional Japanese home-cooked dishes in casual atmosphere. Ootoya has managed to maintain the quality and freshness of its dishes across all 3 outlets.


Cook your own steak just the way you like it at Pepper Lunch Restaurant. I am loving their The Giant which is 230g of prime Australian beef. It is tender and juicy even when fully-cooked.


Ramen Ichiro specializes in Jiro-style ramen characterized by huge portions, along with other options such as potpie tsukemen.


I love Maru Ten Udon’s chewy sanuki udon and daishi broth which is made in-house every day. The curry rice and tempura are delicious too.


Ikkousha Ramen specializes in hakata tonkotsu ramen from Hakata, Fukuoka. The thin noodles are made in-house and paired with pork cha-shu, flavored egg, fungus and spring onion in a thick and creamy pork broth.


Standing Sushi Bar’s Salmon Madness promotion on Mondays and Thursdays is the perfect place to binge on high-quality salmon sashimi and alcoholic drinks without burning a hole in your pocket. Reservation highly recommended!

Gyu-Kaku has recently launched 3 wagyu buffets at $58.80++, $68.80 and $86.80 respectively. There are more than 70 cooked and grill items to choose from. https://hungryghost.sg/gyu-kaku-wagyu-buffet/

Menya Sanji specializes in Kagoshima ramen. I recommend Special Sanji Ramen [S$15.50++], Special Sanji Miso Ramen [S$15.50++] and Sapporo Soup Curry Ramen [S$13.50++]. https://hungryghost.sg/menya-sanji-tanjong-pagar/

Get your egg fix at this Japanese egg-themed restaurant, Tamago-EN, which only uses eggs with golden yolks from an Singapore-approved farm in Okinawa. https://hungryghost.sg/tamago-en-novena-square/

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