Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

I believe that dessert is the essence of a meal and a good dessert will make a meal more satisfying.
Hungry Ghost
Hungry Ghost

All the ice-cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet at Bing Bing Ice Cream Gallery do not contain refined sugar, trans fat, eggs and pork/lard. There are 30 flavors to choose from with new flavors added periodically.

Tai-Croissant specializes in taiyaki with croissant skin. There are 13 sweet and savory flavors to choose from, wrapped in more than 80 layers of crispy croissant pastry.


La Lola Churreria has both hot & fresh churros as well as chilled and coated churros (flavors: dark chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, matcha).

Read my full review at https://hungryghost.sg/la-lola-churreria/

Flipper’s soufflé pancakes are so fluffy and soft because they are made using Hinata eggs from Kanagawa prefecture and Kitahonami flour milled from Hokkaido wheat, all imported straight from Japan. https://hungryghost.sg/flippers-singapore/

Fluff Stack has opened a new outlet at Northpoint Cit, serving up their signature soufflé pancakes in 7 flavors. https://hungryghost.sg/fluff-stack-northpoint-city/

‪Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe serves soft and fluffy millefeuille pancakes made with fresh milk, egg yolks and high-grade wheat flour. https://hungryghost.sg/belle-ville-pancake-cafe-square-2-novena-soft-fluffy-pancakes/‬

Kazo 卡兹屋 is a confectionery store originating from Taiwan that specializes in choux cream puffs and desserts. I have Kazo Polo, Crispy Cream Puff, Durian Cream Puff and Kazu Kazu here.

Rocher Original Beancurd has been selling beancurd Chinese fried snacks since 1960. Everything is $2 and below, making it affordable for everyone to enjoy. http://hungryghost.sg/rocher-original-beancurd/

You can now get your favorite Cream & Custard cakes and tarts at Wild Olive Branch in Suntec City 🕊 www.hungryghost.sg


Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory at Raffles City Shopping Centre basement sells their famous Cow Cow ice-cream in 3 flavors: Cow Cow Milk, Cow Cow Cheese, Cow Cow Twist and Cow Cow Sundae. There are also cheese cookies such as Salt and Camembert Cookie, Milk Cheesecake and Strawberry Swiss Roll. Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg

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The Daily Scoop makes all their ice-cream in-house, 20 different flavors are on display everyday. The Daily Scoop has 4 outlets in Singapore: Sunset Way, Chip Bee Gardens, Sembawang Cottage and SOTA. Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg

320 Below’s ice-cream does not contain any preservative, flavoring and stabilizer. After you have ordered, the staff mixes the ingredients in a large mixer bowl and uses liquid nitrogen to quickly freeze the mixture into delicious ice-cream. Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg

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