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Velika Mustika
Velika Mustika

Perfect combination of brownie and seasalt caramel ice cream. Love the smores also.

The portion was not that big but it was enough for me. I especially loveeee the mashed potato ❤

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Tried the chocolate (72% if I'm not mistaken) and mango sorbet. It was really worth it with burpple beyond.

💰 $10.9

A fair price for delicious chicken chop and 2 cold/hot side dishes. Me personally really like the mac & cheese and the onion sauce. Oh they also gave us complimentary bun but I did not get to eat it since I was too full already.

💰 3.9

Super yummy, big and crunchy onion rings! I didn't expect it will come in this big portion. The batter was very flavorful and it did not feel like eating an onion at all!

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💰 $18

The not so typical big breakfast on any brunch spot. This one has big and flavorful sausage. As for the egg is quite bland for my tastebud. Overall it was a great breakfast but I prefer the pulled pork egg benedict to this.

💰 $14

Finally got a chance to try this dish! The pork was delicious and flavorful combined with the toasted brioche which quite soft.
It's really worth it with Burpple Beyond buy 1 get 1 free.

💰 $12

Great combination of toasted brioche, with crispy spam, egg mayo, chives, and american cheese. In terms of flavor it is really good breakfast / brunch. For me, 1 portion of this "Breakfast Sammy" is quite filling.


Caramel brownie topped with pomegranate, nuts and edible flowers. The ice cream was a perfect match with the brownie.


The poached eggs and hollandaise sauce were perfect and the brioche was tender.


First time visiting Wild Honey and tried this seasonal menu (I forgot the exact name) The best part of the dish in my opinion are the croquet and the ham. As for the rest are so so, not really spectacular.


Another great pork burger with sunny side up egg and the nice pairing with curly fries.

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