Sous Chef Must Try

Sous Chef Must Try

Places that are great in its cuisine and I'll make a detour for.
Dixon Chan
Dixon Chan

For me, this is the best peppery bak kut teh in Singapore! Peppery and dense broth - the same after refills. Go for the premium pork ribs, they're really good.


The curried cauliflower was crisp and light, while the madras curry yoghurt really brought out the best flavors. A must order dish!


One of my favorite dish of the night. The meat has the right amount fat and is slowly cooked making it very tender. The sweet and soy-like sauce really makes you go back for more.


This is one of Chef Oldani's signatures and definitely one of my favorites of the night. I really enjoyed the hot savory caramelized onions that provides a pleasing interplay with the Grana Padano gelato. FOO'D is located in an impressive high ceiling space at the Victoria Concert Hall. Service starts 17th December 2016.


This was the time when the adage "Go big or go home" holds much weight. The noodles, liver and vinegar were the stars of the show. The noodles punched with an inviting vinegar flavor and the extra pieces of wanton skin felt very much part of the party. I'm not one who usually enjoy eating liver, but I finished every piece of it. The texture is something special; disintegrating softly with every bite. This is one of the rare times when the pork lard played second fiddle in a bowl of bak chor mee. Although I always thought that it wasn't worth the wait, today's wait time was a relatively short 25 minutes. This was a meal that is well worth it.


I literally salivated while writing this review. Crispy on the skin and juicy on the inside, the chicken packs a combination of savory, salty and spicy punch when mixed with the condiments. This totally forces you to an involuntary display of ermahgerd expressions. We went for the Bincho Express Set ($60) and Tori Zukushi Set ($90) and had court side seats' view to all the chef's action. If you're looking for something fun and memorable, come here.


I love the fluffy coconut flavored rice, Rendang that screams tender loving care and the amazing sweet chili sauce. This is the only place that I'll cave for a second serving of rice! Come here if you want to be delighted!


Beef was so soft and delightful. Simple & straight to the point. Definitely will get this again.


Loved this. Rich yet not overly filling. Love the flavors in the midst of each grain. Definitely the choice of carb for the night.

Mouthwatering delicious. I love how the caviar bursts and melts in the midst of all that flavor.


The legendary pork ribs. Meat is plentiful, soft and flavorful.

Absolutely delicious. XO gave the extra omph. A must try. Great dinner choice in the tiong bahru area.

Brews coffee at Burpple. Secret ambition: to sell Burpple coffee for £1 in a neon pink paper cup.

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