Restaurants Still Open During CNY!

Looking for restaurants that are still open despite the festivities? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

It comes as no surprise that a majority of the restaurants in Singapore will be shut during Chinese New Year. If you’re looking to dine out during this period, fret not because we’ve rounded up some food establishments whose doors are still open regardless of the public holiday!

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

For World Renowned Steak
The eponymous Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is the brainchild of Wolfgang Zwiener who has more than four decades of culinary experience under his belt. If it's your first time dining in, we'd say The Porterhouse Steak ($248 for 2, $354 for 3, $450 for 4) or the Rib Eye Steak ($155 for regular, $195 for 60 days dry aged) is the way to go! Pair this with their high-end wine list which includes both new and old age bottles, each selected for their unique flavour profile.


For Delicious Bara Chirashi Bowls
Omote believes in offering delicious Japanese fare that’s of the highest quality possible! They’re inspired by flavours from all over the world, and try to create dishes that marry Japanese cuisine with contemporary accents. In fact, each and every one of their Bara Chirashi bowls are thoughtfully curated—take for instance the Salmon Booster Chirashi ($33.60) which comes with generous amounts of salmon and caviar, the Umami Soy Chirashi ($25.80) with a savoury roasted soy marinade, and of course, the Truffle Roasted Garlic Chirashi ($31) that boasts a robust and creamy Italian truffle infusion.

Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ

For A Korean BBQ Feast
Seorae prides themselves on their ‘Galmaegisal’ (also known as ‘skirt meat’) which has the perfect combination of tenderness and juiciness whilst containing minimal amounts of fat. For this reason, you’ll find that this cut of meat is great for Korean barbecues!

Diners can either opt for their a la carte menu offerings or go for one of their Ultimate Sets which includes the Ultimate Mix Set ($98), the Ultimate Pork Set ($88), and the Ultimate Beef Set ($108). We’d recommend the mixed set for more variety—this features their signature ‘Galmaegisal,’ premium chestnut pork belly, US prime beef bone-in short ribs (marinated overnight), US beef shortplate, a spicy tofu stew, and glass noodles stir-fried with US pork.

Kow Loon Hong Kong Dim Sum

For Affordable Hawker Dim Sum
If you’re in the Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood, you might want to check out Kow Loon Hong Kong Dim Sum! They serve more than 50 varieties of handmade dim sum, ensuring that there’s always something for everyone, no matter your palate. Can’t decide on what to get? Try their Kow Loon’s Special Dairy Salted Bun ($3.80 for 3 pcs) if you’re into custard buns (or rather ‘liu sha baos’) and most definitely give their signature Minced Pork and Shrimp Dumpling ($3.20 for 4 pcs) a shot!

Wild Child Pizette

For 10-Inch Neapolitan-Style Pizzas 
Wild Child Pizette's 10-inch pizzas are each baked on a crust which undergoes over 60 hours of fermentation before being put in their wood-fired oven! That's how much care and effort goes into crafting their Neapolitan-style renditions. One of their bestsellers is perhaps their fiery Spianata Calabrese ($22.50) which is sprinkled with fennel seeds and drizzled with Sichuan peppercorn-infused honey for a sweet-and-hot combination that's hard to beat. This gourmet version will most certainly give the regular Pepperoni pizza a run for its money!