New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: September 2022

Looking to dine somewhere new in the coming month? We've got you covered!

Check out the coolest new openings in town—this includes everything from artisan gelato and signature Ipoh dishes to Japanese-Korean fusion dishes and Neo-Neapolitan sourdough pizzas.

Small Tables

For Signature Ipoh Dishes
The highly anticipated sidewalk cafe Small Tables brings Ipoh Food to Singapore’s trendy cafe scene. Serving signature Ipoh dishes and other scrumptious Asian flavours, diners can indulge in everything from hearty mains to small bites.

One of their menu highlights include the authentic Ipoh Curry Mee ($20) that’s further enhanced with gourmet ingredients including poached chicken, caramelised char siu, crispy siu yoke, braised pig ears, pig skin, poached prawns, bean sprouts, and mint leaves. You can opt for either the dry or soup version of this dish—if you go for the former, you’ll find that the fresh prawn stock enriches the spice-laden curry base, and gives it a greater depth of flavour.


For Artisan Gelato On Croissants 
Deriving its name from the word ‘Dopamine,’ Dopa is a creamery that certainly incites pure bliss from their smooth artisan gelato. Who says happiness can’t be bought? Pair their bold and nutty Home Roasted Pistachio ($5 for single scoop, $9 for double) with a Croissant ($4.30) and you’ll surely be in a good mood for the rest of your day.

Cafe Gui

For Japanese-Korean Fusion Dishes
Located at Royal Square Novena is Cafe Gui, a quaint joint that offers Japanese-Korean inspired fusion dishes—we’re talking cold ramen, rice bowls, and desserts. Served in a golden tin, their hearty Dosirak Rice Bowl ($15.90) has been a huge hit with patrons thus far; this comes with Korean spam, sunny side up, pickles, kimchi, and seafood. Alternatively, if you’re feeling like having Japanese food, opt for their Arabiki Sausage Rice Bowl ($14.90) instead!

Hennessy Duck

For Authentic Dang Gui Duck
Hennessy Duck prides themselves in serving delicious roast duck at super affordable prices! Based off a traditional recipe that dates back all the way to the Yuan Dynasty from China, their extremely tender cuts of meat are roasted to perfection using modern technology, and can be found in signature dishes such as the aromatic Dang Gui Duck Rice ($7.80) and the incredibly flavourful Soya Sauce Chicken and Caramel Char Siew Rice ($6.50). Pair these with a bowl of Wanton Soup ($4) to wash down the grease and you’re in for an immensely satisfying meal.


For Tasty Truffle Ramen
If you’re after ramen with a thick and creamy Tonkotsu broth then look no further because Kanada-Ya serves just that! Their authentic Kyushu ramen comes with a flavourful pork bone broth that has been boiled for 18 hours, resulting in a rich and creamy consistency. A secret sauce is even added on to add more umami to the already flavourful broth.

While there may be a couple of different renditions, we’d strongly recommend the aromatic Truffle Ramen ($22.90 for a basic bowl, $24.90 for regular, $26.90 for special) that’s made from black truffle oil and truffle jelly. Trust us, you’d be slurping away at their truffle-doused wheat noodles for sure!

Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co

For Neo-Neapolitan Sourdough Pizzas
Calling all pizza lovers: this edgy pizzeria specialises in handcrafted Neo-Neapolitan sourdough pizzas. They’ve got all sorts of enticing flavours from various categories such as Classic, Special, Vegan, and even customisable 3 Feet Long Pizzas.

Some exciting combinations to look out for include the Mala Chicken Pizza, the Raclette Cheese & Potato Pizza, and the Kale Pesto Pizza (all $24.50 - $30.50)—these would be perfect for those who are looking for something a little different from the run-of-the-mill staples!