Lotus Vegetarian: Tasty Plant-Based Dishes At Hougang Rivercourt

As its name suggests, Lotus Vegetarian (the parent restaurant of Lotus Café) is where families and friends can gather to enjoy great tasting plant-based dishes.

In fact, this laidback dining spot at Hougang Rivercourt prides itself on their extensive selection of handmade vegetarian dim sum which has been meticulously crafted using the finest and freshest ingredients.

If this is your first time patronizing Lotus Vegetarian and you’re unsure of what to order, read on to find out what some of their signature dishes are like!

Sichuan Spicy Wontons in Chilli Oil (5 Pcs for $8.90)

Garnished with coriander, these homemade poached wontons are seasoned in their very own chilli vinaigrette which gives the dish an immensely satisfying spicy kick. This piquant flavour is well matched with the slippery texture of the wonton skin, and certainly makes for a great starter!

Truffle Mixed Mushroom Dumplings (3 Pcs for $5.20)

Fun fact: their signature Truffle Mixed Mushroom Dumplings have been featured in abillion’s SG50 Best Vegan Dishes in 2022. The exterior of the dumpling is soft and encased within is a savoury truffle filling with an almost creamy texture—a must-try when you’re at Lotus.

Crispy Popcorn ‘Chicken’ with Sichuan Peppercorns and Dried Chilli ($10.90)

Here’s one for all you mala fanatics! Smothered in red chilli peppers, this vegetarian rendition of the classic Sichuan crispy chicken dish is so palatable that it almost tastes like the real thing. The numbing sensation that came from the peppercorns was most definitely an addictive quality of this aromatic sharing appetiser.

Jumbo Chilli ‘Crab’ Mantou ($9.90)

Loaded with fries and a salad on the side, the Jumbo Chilli ‘Crab’ Mantou is irresistible thanks to the savoury chilli ‘crab’ sauce wedged in between the crispy golden brown buns. You might be used to dipping your mantous but there’s no need for that here as this burger-style dish ensures that the tangy gravy is absorbed by the buns themselves.

Signature Fried Laksa ($8.90)

You’re probably used to the typical laksa broth by now but have you tried Lotus’ Signature Fried Laksa dish? If you’re one for dry noodles, this would be the perfect main dish for you!

Sprinkled with seaweed flakes, their laksa features thick beehoon, konnyaku ‘prawn,’ and qq tofu—although there are no actual cockles or prawns here, their fragrant coconut gravy certainly
makes up for it.

QQ Taro & Mini Sweet Potato Ball ($6.90) and Lemongrass Jelly with Sea Coconut ($6.90)

If you have room for dessert after, go for either their QQ Taro & Mini Sweet Potato Ball or the Lemongrass Jelly with Sea Coconut. Or even have both! The former is topped with red bean, homemade caramel sauce and milk, and the latter boasts a zesty and insanely refreshing combination.