Geylang Serai 2019: Where Old Favourites Meet New Must-Tries at the Buzziest Bazaar of the Year

We've put together this handy guide to help you navigate through the most anticipated street food event of the year .

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Come one, come all! The most anticipated street food event of the year is back, but this time, Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar is spacious, brighter, and has more seats for a better experience. The mega pasar malam dedicates 60 per cent of its’ stalls to traditional foods, with the remaining 40 per cent featuring hip and trendy fusion snacks. To help you navigate through the maze, we’ve put together this handy guide.

Oldies but Goodies

Dendeng Halal Bak Kwa
Badeema Cuisine (WGS A G274)

photo_2019-05-10 12.13.23

Find these roasted barbecued meat slices at multiple stalls around the bazaar. We got ours (100 grams for $5) from Badeema Cuisine which came in a cute paper box carrier (this helped a lot while we were collecting a ton of treats).

Burger Ramly
Burger Ramly stall (WGS A G288)


There were tons of Burger Ramly stalls scattered across the bazaar. If you’re short on time, head for the shortest queue but in typical Singaporean fashion, we flocked over to the one with the longest queue. Expect a grilled golden-brown patty wrapped in omelette, slathered in mayo and chilli, and sandwiched between two buns. Beef Burger with Egg ($4). This always hits the spot for us!

Ayam Percik
Burger Ramly stall (WGS A G288)


These good ol’ roasted chicken wings ($2 for one wing) stretched out on a skewer and drenched in a sweet, slightly spicy sauce are a must-have despite its humble appearance. Pro-tip: get yours from the Burger Ramly stall to save some time!

Apam Balik
Apam Balik Wak Power (WGSA G276)

2019-05-13 21.19.49

Apam Balik or Min Jiang Kueh is a traditional turnover pancake with customisable fillings like sugary crushed peanuts, grated coconut and red bean paste. This time, we opted for a savoury sweet chocolate-cheese combi. Eat yours ($6) fresh from the griddle for maximum pleasure.

Mr Wadeh (WGSA G316)


One of the biggest players in the game is Mr Wadeh and it isn’t hard to spot one of their many outlets at the bazaar. Bite into these savoury donuts ($2 for 3 pieces) and taste the traces of cumin seeds, onion, curry leaves, salt, chillies and black pepper! We love the crunch of shrimp that peeks out of its crisp golden-brown exterior.

Argentina Squid
Krimbz n Kraves (WGSA G308)

argentina squid

A night market must-have, these deep fried squids are usually sold as skewers but Krimbz n Kraves packs them onto a platter ($8), cut into fun bite-sized portions, for easy eating. While the meat was tender and fresh, the seasoning is not always evenly spread. Burppler Irene Arieputri recommends mixing the whole lot well before diving in.

Young & Fabulous

Russet Fries
Katoshka (WGSB 18)

russet fries

Russet potatoes are the perfect base for building flavour. Seasoned generously and best eaten served piping hot, these fries from Katoshka come in exciting flavours like Special Cheese ($5.90), Sour Ranch ($5.90), Spicy Arrabiata ($6.90), Pepper Mushroom($6.90), Spicy Bolognese ($6.90). Of the lot, Sour Ranch ($5.90) stood out as a winner in our book. Find this stall located beside Tanjong Katong Complex. Photo by Burppler Wendy Huin

Mala Beef cubes
Beef Bro (WGSB 297)

2019-05-13 21.19.41

It’s no secret that Singaporeans love a good bowl of spice (here’s our guide to the best Mala spots in Singapore for proof). So when we heard that Beef Bro was grilling up mala beef cubes ($14.90), we had to give it a try. Think tender cubes of beef tossed in mala sauce and chilli flakes before being blow-torched. Pro-tip: request for your beef to be done medium-rare, as we got ours just slightly over.

Classic Cheeseburger
21 Sliders (WGSB G316)


21 Sliders is definitely a vibe. From their sleek black stall facade to the pounding rap music and burgers named after local rappers — they are great at keeping their brand young and fun. The Classic Cheeseburger ($4.50) features a thick, juicy patty doused in a tangy smoky barbecue sauce and buttered buns. These bites are worth the buck!

Lobster Roll and White Rabbit Drink
Burp Live Station Catering (WGS A 359)

2019-05-13 21.19.17

This is one for the ‘gram and one for the sweet tooths. The White Rabbit Drink is essentially your favourite childhood candy liquefied to produce an icy tub of nostalgia that is both sugary and milky. Pair (from $18) your drink with a savoury lobster roll that features toasted buns filled with a seasoned shellfish and tons of mayo. Admittedly, the drink was much too sweet for us, and the lobster buns a tad pricey, but a novelty nonetheless.

Grab your loved ones, young and old, and head on down for a fun night out! To avoid the queues head down before 6pm.

Geylang Ramadan Bazaar is located at 1 Geylang Serai, Singapore 402001. Open daily from now till 5 June 2019, 4pm- 11.59pm.