Get Your Caffeine Fix At These Incredible Coffee Roasters

Are you a caffeine addict? If you drink copious amounts of coffee (or more than you'd like to admit) throughout the day, this one's for you!

Whether you're into distinctive fine blended coffee or the old school butter kopi renditions, we can all agree that a daily dose of caffeine can really get us through the day. You probably already have your favourite coffee haunts but if you're looking for a new brew, perhaps some of these coffee roasters would interest you.

Bacha Coffee

For Marvellous Morocan Coffee
Bacha Coffee never compromises on the quality or flavour of their coffee. In fact, they specialise in Arabica coffee which is known to be more nuanced and flavourful as compared to other beans. Head down to their Coffee Room & Boutique outlet at ION Orchard to savour over 200 hot or iced brews, each served in generous gooseneck Bacha coffee pots, and prepared according to an alchemist's measure. These are accompanied by Chantilly whipped cream, steamed milk, rock sugar, and cracked vanilla bean. Afternoon coffee sets to go for include the Jardin ($44), Moka ($46) or Palais ($48).

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

For Seasonal Specialty Coffees
Gastro-cafe The Populus Coffee & Food Co. serves up an eclectic spread of contemporary dishes which draw influences from all over the world. These are best paired with their Roastery's line-up of seasonal specialty coffees! Choose from many different variations including the Black Coffee ($5), the White 6oz ($6), the 'Magic' ($6.50), the Gibraltar ($5), and the Caffe Mocha ($7), just to name a few.

Five Oars Coffee Roasters

For Insanely Aromatic Coffees
Step on board the Five Oars ship and sail into the sunset with their insanely aromatic coffees! The folks at this roaster believe in the simple satisfaction that comes with a great cup of joe, and have made it their mission to discover new flavours in bean varietals from across the globe. Their craftsmanship can certainly be seen (or rather tasted) in their coffees such as the Double Espresso ($4), the Iced Black ($5), the 8oz White ($6.50), and of course, the Flight (1+1) ($7).

Equate Coffee

For Amazing Artisanal Coffees
Is the amount of caffeine consumed equivalent to your functionality? Well, this may just be the case for some folks. Equate Coffee is certainly no stranger to avid coffee drinks in the Tanjong Pagar community. Housed in a minimalistic space on the second floor of Tanjong Pagar Plaza, this roaster is great for a morning coffee before work or a mid-day pick-me-up. Some of their best-selling roasts include the White or Black Cold Brew ($6.50), the White coffee ($5), and the Mocha coffee ($5.50). Don't forget to pair your cup with one of their house-baked pastries!

Nylon Coffee Roasters

For Coffee Beans From Around The World 
As firm believers of fostering strong relationships with their coffee producers, Nylon Coffee Roaster unveils the story behind each brew before presenting it to their patrons. Their continuous pursuit for better tasting coffee is perhaps the reason why their roasts have always left such a lasting impression on those who've tried it. While they do have a coffee bar, they also happen to sell beans in their retail shop so if you're looking to brew your own cuppas, you might want to check these flavours out: Columbia Vista Hermosa ($22.50), Brazil Serra do Cigano ($22.50), Columbia La Germania ($22), Brazil Palmital ($22), and Peru La Salina ($22).

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

For Single Origin Coffees 
What used to be home to several hardware companies is now a coffee house; Chye Seng Huat Hardware (or CSHH) was collaboratively conceived by the landlord of the building and PPP Coffee in a bid to conserve the site and pay tribute to the hardware heritage in the vicinity. As soon as you enter their premises, you'll find a 360-degree view of the coffee bar—this allows customers to interact with, and watch as the baristas prepare their beverages. If you're seated by the bar, we'd highly recommend the Drip Coffee (from $8) which is essentially the roaster's selection of seasonal single origin coffees or the Daily Brew ($5) that is the barista's pick of the day.