Dig In: Sushi Shiki Hanamaru

This Hokkaido sushi restaurant serves quality sushi at pocket-friendly prices.


The rundown
Part of Hokkaido Marche, the Japanese food hall that, alongside Don Don Donki, has overtaken the basement of Orchard Central, Sushi Shiki Hanamaru hails from Nemuro, a port town in Hokkaido that is blessed with abundant seafood throughout the year. The freshness of the seafood is evident here, and the restaurant is drawing a steady stream of diners who are happy to pay slightly higher prices for quality. It’s not as budget friendly as chains like Sushi Express, but trust us when we say we’ll gladly set aside our penny-pinching alter egos every time we dine here.

The vibe
Orchard Central’s basement has not seen busier days since the introduction of Don Don Donki and Hokkaido Marche. Thankfully, unlike the food court style the rest of the Marche adopts, Sushi Shiki Hanamaru is set up as a separate restaurant. Step through its entrance and enter a dark wood dominant space that instantly shields you from the food-crazed frenzy outside. Grab a seat by the sushi counter to watch the chefs make magic with deft fingers, or opt for one of the many smaller tables if you’re dining in a small group. The menu is not as child-friendly as bigger chain restaurants — keep this in mind if you’re bringing young kids along.


Photo by Burppler Leigh Khoo

What’s good
The sushi menu here is extensive, with various cuts and variations on squid, tuna and salmon, among other seafood types. We took quite a while to get through the menu, no thanks to the overzealous design, so if you find yourself hungry and confused, take our advice to start with an order of the 5 Pieces of Sushi with Burnt Soy Sauce ($15.50). Essentially torched nigiri sushi (aburi), the plate sees a good assortment of seafood cuts that include salmon, tuna and cuttlefish. (If you prefer your seafood fresh, we spotted a 5 Piece of Sushi in Season Set at $23.)


Photo by Burppler K T

We went on to relish the Salmon Chan-Chan Yaki (grilled miso glazed salmon, $4.80 for two pieces), which we really like for its sweet-salty miso glaze; the Toro of Pacific Bluefin Tuna and Tankuan ($7 for two pieces), where diced pickled Japanese radish adds crunch and edge; and the Handmade Satsuma-age (fried cod fish cakes, $7). The latter sees carrot and burdock root added into the fishcake mixture, resulting in crisp golden parcels that are light, moreish and perfect with a cold pint. They make a nice palate break from all the sushi too. The Burpple community also has great things to say about the Taraba Fundoshi (king crab loin sushi, $10 for two pieces) and Fresh King Crab Miso Soup ($8.50) — try these and let us know what you think!

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