Burpple Beyond Deals: Amazing Ang Mo Kio Fare

Venturing to the Ang Mo Kio area and want to get acquainted with some #BurppleBeyond deals in the vicinity? Well then, this one’s for you!

El Carbón (Ang Mo Kio): 1-for-1 Spicy Arrabiata (save ~$8.50)
Photo by El Carbón | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2023

For A Delicious No-Frills Grill
If you’re after quality Halal Western food, head to El Carbón for their charcoal grilled dishes and tasty pastas! Their Spicy Seafood Arrabbiata ($8.50) which is doused in a spicy tomato sauce, comes with a variety of fresh seafood ingredients, and would be the perfect pick if you’re craving the latter.

Saveur Thai (Ang Mo Kio): 1-for-1 Mains (save ~$18 from Mondays - Thursdays)
Photo by Saveur Thai | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2022

For Authentic Thai Cuisine
Helmed by a team of native chefs, Saveur Thai guarantees authentic Thai cuisine to all patrons who decide to pay them a visit. Combining earthy herbs and fragrant spices imported straight from Thailand, each and every dish they’ve crafted is immensely aromatic and flavourful—take for instance their Tom Yum Tiger Prawn Red Soup ($14.90) that comes with a fiery kick.

Potato Corner (AMK Hub): 1-for-1 Mega Fries (save ~$5.70)
Photo by Potato Corner | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2022

For Flavoured Fries
If you find a bright green kiosk with a smiling spud, chances are you’ve found a Potato Corner kiosk! Get their Mega Fries ($5.70) in all sorts of flavours including Barbecue, Cheese Sour Cream, Sweet Corn, Truffle, and even Wasabi.

Crimson By Sunbird: 1-for-1 Main Dish (~save $20)
Photo by Crimson By Sunbird | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2022

For Brilliant Burgers
Crimson By Sunbird’s fusion menu features everything from rice bowls and baked rice to burgers and platters. Looking for some tasty burgers that’ll fill you up? Opt for their Crimson Baconator ($18.50) that consists of sliced bacon, egg, melted cheese, caramelised onion, and a house-made patty. This also comes with a side of shoestring fries!

Ember Charcoal Grill: 30% Off Total Bill (~save $20 on Weekday Dinners)
Photo by Ember Charcoal Grill | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 June 2023

For Creme Brulee Waffles
Ember Charcoal Grill specialises in using Japanese ‘binchotan’ charcoal and prides themselves in cooking their cuts with minimal smoke, and with a consistent temperature throughout. Mains aside, they also offer artisanal desserts, their Creme Brulee ($15.90) being the most popular pick—this comes with creme brulee, burnt banana, and some summer fruits.

Monday Coffee Bar: 1-for-1 Beverage (~save $5)
Photo by Monday Coffee Bar | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2023

For Japanese-Inspired Beverages
Adopting the ‘Wabi-Sabi’ approach, Monday Coffee Bar is just the place to be if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd over the weekend! If green tea is your ‘cup of tea’ (pun intended), go for the Genmaicha Tea Latte ($4.50) for a rich tea with a nutty taste of roasted brown rice—this one’s available in both clear and latte versions so take your pick.

Smash by Zoul’s Corner: 1-for-1 Main Dish (~save $8)
Photo by Smash by Zoul’s Corner | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2023

For A Smashin’ Good Ayam Penyet
Zoul’s Corner has been smashing and frying chickens since 2002; it’s been two decades and they’re still going at it! Their chicken is slowly marinated and dipped in their ever-flavourful batter and fried until they are perfectly golden brown on the outside, and incredibly juicy and tender on the inside. Once cooked, the meat is smashed and served in their Nasi Ayam Penyet ($7.50) with their super spicy sambal, rice, tahu, and of course, tempeh.

Froz Bakery Cafe: 1-for-1 Sliced Cake (~save $7.90)
Photo by Froz Bakery | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2023

For Mille Crepe Cakes
Passionate about crafting pastries and cakes that are less sweet and oily, owner Wayne believes in catering to the more health conscious consumers in the market. All his bakes are made using reduced sugar and butter, and this includes the Mille Crepe Cakes ($7.90) which comes in assorted flavours such as Oreo! If you want a sweet treat but don’t want to feel guilty after, this would be perfect for you.

The Grumpy Bear (Kebun Baru Community Club): 1-for-1 Main Dish (~save $15)
Photo by The Grumpy Bear | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2023

For A Truffle Chicken Chop
Specialising in adding their very own twist to Western cuisine, The Grumpy Bear serves up unique renditions of dishes like the classic Chicken Chop. Try their Truffle Chicken ($19.90) version and you’ll find that the juicy and tender grilled chicken comes with an insanely aromatic and rich truffle brown sauce. This is accompanied by a salad and a side of fries!