Best Zi Char Restaurants In Singapore

Zi char, one of Singapore's best hawker foods, is always a popular choice for family dinners due to its variety and affordability. A delicious meal for a family of five typically costs less than $100 and fills everyone's tummy to the brim.

As zi char stalls can also be found at every coffee shop in Singapore, satisfying those zi char cravings is effortless. Here are the best zi char restaurants in Singapore, for your next family dinner!

Zhenyi Veggie Place
Photo By Zhenyi Veggie Place 

For Vegetarian Zi Char
Zhenyi Veggie Place is well-known for its vegetarian cuisine. Despite not serving meat on their menu, they are extremely popular among non-vegetarians due to the quality of their food. Their notable zi char dishes include Claypot Mushroom ($12), Mixed Vege Curry Fish in Claypot ($13), Cereal Veggie Prawn ($11), and Delight Yam Ring ($15). Single diners looking for a quick meal can also try their Wanton Mee ($4.50), Lor Mee ($4.50), or Penang Asam Laksa ($6).

Dai Lou

Photo By Dia Lou

For Zi Char With A Sea View
Dai Lou, a zi char restaurant with a sea view, is located towards the back of Marina Country Club, where dinners are complemented with cool sea breezes. Dai Lou serves lok lok after 10.30 p.m. and the standard zi char dishes. If you're visiting them for the zi char, give the Pork Ribs King ($13), Butter Prawns ($22), or 3 Egg Spinach ($13) a try. Apart from that, their lok lok items range from $1.30 per stick for vegetables and mushrooms to $2.50 per stick for meat items like Beef Satay and Prawn Sticks.

8 Crabs

Photo By 8 Crabs

For Quality Zi Char Delivery
If your family prefers to dine in the comfort of their own home, 8 Crabs is a seafood restaurant that currently only offers delivery (their store is undergoing renovation). While their speciality lies in quality crab delivery, they also serve other zi char dishes like Black Pepper Beef ($16), Stir Fried Kai Lan ($12), and Signature Coffee Pork Ribs ($15). If you order from 8 Crabs, make sure to try their signature crab dishes, such as the Award-Winning Chilli Crab or Black Pepper Crab, which range in price from $40.90 to $239.90.

Buey Tahan See-Food Restaurant

Photo By Burppler Foodspotting 

For Halal Zi Char
While there is plenty of halal food in Singapore, halal zi char can be difficult to come by. Malay families and friend groups with Muslim friends can now enjoy zi char at Buey Tahan See-Food together. They offer a variety of zi char dishes such as Tom Yum Sup ($6.50), Prawn Paste Chicken ($13), Thai Style Beancurd ($12), and Sambal Kang Kong ($10).

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat

Photo By Hualong Fishhead Steamboat

For A Large Variety of Zi Char Dishes
Hualong Fishhead Steamboat is known for its charcoal steamboat dish with fresh fish, vegetables, and a rich broth; you can choose from three different types of fish and sizes depending on the size of your party. Alternatively, suppose fish isn’t quite your cup of tea. In that case, they also offer a variety of dishes, some of which are exclusive to them and cannot be found at other zi char stalls, such as the Sea cucumber with pig's tendon ($20) and the Honeydew Japanese Wasabi Prawn Balls ($18).