Came here for lunch ($25.80) on a weekday and there were only 2 tables eating.

The good thing about this shop is the fact that you can choose 3 soups, however only the chicken and pork broth are free. The rest of the soup will be an additional $3 or more each. I opted for tomyum and laksa. I love tomyum so when I had my first sip, I was disappointed. The tomyum somehow was lacking. It was not as flavourful as other hotpot shops and was on the oily side. Laksa however was good, mildly spicy with the taste of the coconut milk coming through. Pork broth surprisingly was light and good as well.

Variety-wise I would say they offer quite a lot, more then 50 types of items. We tried their pork, beef and mutton. Pork was good, with a good amount of fat. Beef was ok, wish there was more fats. Mutton was slightly tough but did not have a strong smell at all.
Their seafood the clams and scallop came slightly frozen with ice and had a slightly not so nice seafood taste.
They also offer sumiri, beancurd, eggs, mushrooms and vegetables which I won't mention.

I also opted for free flow of drinks and ice cream (+$4). They offer fruit punch which was good, not too sweet with a carrot-y taste. Rose which is Bandung but without the milk and blueberry. For ice cream there's coconut, cookies and cream, chocolate, mint and strawberry.

Overall this place offers a good variety of food where you'll have something that you would like. For me it was the cookies and cream ice cream.