We got 5 dips/spreads (from left to right): spinach, eggplant, Persian yogurt, walnut, hummus.

In general, compared to greek ones, I feel like these were healthier, not as salty / strongly flavoured. Could be interpreted as plain, but as someone with a lighter palate, I liked it! I particularly enjoyed the spinach (borani esfanaj), which was very flavourful, probably due to the sweet onions within, as well as the Persian yogurt (mast), which was served cold and was rather thick with a pleasant sour flavour. The walnut (muhamara) was p good and rather interesting - nutty and sweet from the bell peppers mixed in. Kinda like upgraded nut butter. Hummus was alright, it’s tasty but I’ve had better, and the others outshone it. Eggplant (kash-e bademjan) was like babaganoush but more fibrous, would have preferred it to be more smoky but it was still rather tasty.

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