Army stew with thin slices of beef, without the beef this would’ve cost $45 but I need my meat😀 When I patronised wonderful bap sang previously, the staff told us that the army stew was sold out which means it’s probably good?? Fast forward to a weekend before the peak dinner crowd, I managed to get a seat easily as well as order the army stew, which was honestly very comforting and delicious on a rainy day. Fit for 2 pax, the army stew was full of ingredients - kimchi, rice cakes, sausages, luncheon meat, bacon, ham, baked beans, and ramyeon, I was stuffed after the meal. The army stew had a good amount of spice in it, and a very appetising tang to it as well. That being said, I personally thought it was more on the pricier side.


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