The final cocktail of the night at was a truly worthy one for the road. The El Padrino ($25++) is a Mexican inspired cocktail that sees mezcal aged in beeswax mixed with beetroot aromatised wine, smoked honey and a dash of citrus, all to be downed after ingesting a pill that I’m just gonna assume is legal. The pill is a flavour changing pill that somehow manages to make even lemon juice taste sweet, and it revolutionises this entire cocktail.⠀

I’ve never had mezcal before, but I definitely want some more of its smoky goodness. The smokiness is lighter and less dense than the smokiness of a scotch, and it feels like a lighter drink. The mezcal is deliciously sweet thanks to the inclusion of the smoked honey & the effects of the pill, and it feels like a more refreshing & slightly sweeter whisky sour.

Thank you so much for the hospitality, and thanks for having me as your plus one @wobblethebui!