Soft shell tacos usually aren't up my alley but in this case I didn't mind. On the pricier end for tacos at $15 for 2 but they were filling and well worth the pricetag imo.

My friend ordered this for me as a takeaway and they were generously filled with pulled beef and cheese, just the right amount of savory and spicy. The whole dish is an umami explosion, in a good way, and I found it funny that they included quail eggs—a first for me, but they didn't really do anything flavor wise. It is served with some soft onions on the side and tomato purée in which I enjoyed dipping my tacos in.

My only complaint...... This was a takeaway and the dish, overflowing with gravy and meat is incredibly messy to eat. I really wish they provided cutlery without being asked because I had to eat this in a public work area and I just hope to god no one saw me while I was eating this. They did provide 4 napkins along with the order however, which I found myself needing for the meal.

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