If you haven’t already tried @thequarters.sg’s signature salted egg chicken burger, thank @chopesg as you can enjoy 1-for-1 burgers this month with June’s Chope Exclusive!

They surely aren’t stingy when it comes to the in-house salted egg aioli that’s lavishly drenched over the oat battered fried chicken thigh. A velvety, creamy sauce, the salted egg aioli did come across as a little jelak towards the end, perhaps also because it was rather salty (duh!). But I smell curry leaves too, which plays a crucial role in any salted egg dish. The oat batter delivers a perfect crispiness to the juicy chicken patty which is marinated using their spice mix and buttermilk.

The Lemak curry burger was pretty unique and a take on yet another local flavour. Again sandwiched between 2 sesame buns, the oat battered chicken was succulent but this time drenched with a really, really Lemak curry sauce. Heavily spiced and aromatic, it is also packed with the lactonic and nutty characters of the coconut milk.

Something worth mentioning is the size of the fried chicken was actually larger than the buns (you can’t even see the bottom bun) , which made us felt as though we were eating a chicken cutlet instead of a burger. Too satisfying. Saltiness of their sauces could be reduced. Each burger came along with shoestring fries.

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