Overscoop (Hougang Rivercourt)

I decided to walk from hougang central to hougang rivercourt for ice cream. The staff told me that got 1 for 1 croffle or waffles on Monday & Wednesday ($6). I ordered two croffles with two different scoops - butterfly pea milk (premium - $5), black forest (signature - $6) and cinnamon chocolate (signature) - mini scoop ($11). I really like to enjoy eating and slicing through croffles like crispy and crunchy texture, quite chewy . Butterfly Pea Milk was not that thick but quite light texture and milky taste whereas Black Forest really got thick and creamy texture, strong and bitter dark chocolate aftertaste, too much for me tbh and last not list Cinnamon Chocolate got strong and thick taste in cinnamon but cannot taste much for chocolate tbh.