-Pumpkin soup with marinated beef shank noodle
-Tomato soup with vinaigrette ebiko prawn paste noodle
(Burpple 1 for 1 for the above main dishes only)
Menu is changed and all main dishes can be used for burpple beyond
-Top up $3.90(excluding gst) for one set meal:
Barley water and Tofu with century egg

Total Damage: $20.95 after gst

Pumpkin soup with marinated beef shank noodle
Pumpkin soup is milky and savoury with some wolf berries added. Not much of a pumpkin flavour but I think it adds up similar to a collagen soup. This dish is served with beef shank and broccoli. The beef shank is marinated and very flavourful. Would definitely enjoy the hearty dish in a cold weather.

Tomato soup with vinaigrette ebiko prawn paste noodle
The tomato soup has a tangy sour flavour that reminds me of Haidilao hotpot soup and it is quite thick. However, it might be too overpowering of a tomato flavour while eating overtime. This dish has vinaigrette ebiko prawn paste, a half hanjuku egg, green peas and a few bits of corns. I like how the vinaigrette ebiko prawn paste too be soft and a popping texture because of the ebiko. Both the prawn paste and hanjuku egg elevates the dish making it to be wholesome. It might be better if the soup is less thicker.

Tofu with century egg
(Small dish shown at the top of the noodles)
This side dish is quite simple yet appetising. Tofu with century egg is cold and drench with chilli oil (a hint of mala feels in the chilli). Taste good even for not a good spice tolerant eater. Must have.

Barley is just homemade barley without barley bits, nothing special.

I have came to Eventasty a number of times. I prefer the older menu as we can customise the soup, noodles and ingredients. It is a comfort meal that tempt me to visit whenever I go Funan mall. Customer service is good. Recommended 👍

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