Yet another pasta offering by is the Rigatoni Pasta Stuffed with Seafood and Bisque Sauce ($28++). However, this one was more memorable than the preceding pasta dish due to its uniqueness & unctuousness. Stuffed rigatoni isn’t common, so it was a novelty that needed to be sampled.

The hollow cavities of the al dente rigatoni pasta are stuffed with a chopped up seafood mix, swaddled in zucchini slivers and immersed into a shallow pool of foamy seafood bisque. The bisque is undeniably umami, with a deeply satisfying salinity that could only come from shellfish slowly boiled in seafood stock, and it’s the main seasoning for the entire dish.

The zucchini is sliced into ribbons so thin they’re translucent, but they’re thick enough to render a refreshing crunch as you gnaw on each individual rigatoni. It’s a welcome textural contrast to the soft, al dente characteristics of the rigatoni pasta and the perfectly poached seafood stuffing within. Speaking of the seafood filling, it was brilliantly bouncy in texture, while maintaining a satisfyingly meaty chew as you bite into it. If I were forced to guess the identity of chopped seafood trio stuffing, I’d say it’s a medley of prawn, squid and perhaps a smattering of clams within.

At the end of the day, the identity of the seafood components within the rigatoni don’t quite matter, as they are merely a congenial component in a dish that unites the best of each element to create a superb symphony of sumptuousness on a plate.