Saw this gelato place @freshiogelato with very high reviews and had to check it out!

You get to try out your ice cream flavours before ordering, and the owners do not hesitate to give you a pretty sizable portion to taste. I tried quite a few of their flavours and the hardest part is to choose among them!

I settled with Strawberry Cheesecake ($4.70) with their chocolate lava cake ($4.90) and had a separate passionfruit gelato ($4.70) in a cup. The strawberry cheesecake had such a good milk richness, with a slight cheese flavour that does not get cloying. The chocolate lava cake was gooey and extremely rich and chocolatey. Pairing these 2 together, you get a wonderful combination!

The passionfruit flavour had a strong tartness and was refreshing. The passionfruit taste was aromatic and wasn't artificial!

Absolutely loved the many gelato flavours in the shop. This may be one of the best gelato shops I know!

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