Another one of my must claim birthday freebies is SOUP SPOON!

It used to be a free $5 voucher with no minimum spending, but now there is a required minimum spending of $15 in order to redeem the voucher.

The free $5 birthday voucher can be used for dining in or takeaway. To order, you will need to either order from the mobile app and apply the birthday voucher, or use the kiosk and scan your mobile app e-card.

If you do not wish to order a heavy filling set, best to get a dining buddy along to order 2 ala carte soups!

My favourite soup is the VELVETY MUSHROOM STROGANOFF ($9.10)! Always order this soup 75% of the times! (The other times I will opt for the boston clam chowder soup for the SG Chicken & Mushroom Ragout.)

This time round, decided to be adventurous, and got the new souperchef special Chicken Cacciatore with Portobello and Sage ($9.50)! The only difference between this and SG Chicken and Mushroom Ragout is that the latter has some pasta in it.

But still, all time favourite mushroom soup triumphs!