PSA chope set is just normal lunch set with $4 discount

Served w a fried rice cracker, with peppercorn snow(which is rlly rlly fragrant, it's brilliant, plus it doesn't melt easily in the soup)

They will ask to help you pour. Please politely reject them, there's way too much broth and it's way too hot, it turns into just soup instead of chazuke.

I like how their sourness and heat are unabashed, very very unexpected for a somewhat atas place. The numbness only comes from the snow as mentioned above, there wasn't too much numbness in the broth originally

The barramundi is abit confusing for me. If it's meant to be eaten separately, then what's the point of serving it on a chazuke? But if it's meant to be eaten w the chazuke, the almost deep fried skin turns soggy and rubbery when it meets the broth. The skin doesn't fit a chazuke at all

Overall innovation is there but execution for the main piece, the barramundi, leaves much to be desired

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