Look, imma keep it real chief. Ramen Champion is pretty basic bitch tier. No amount of advertising from their PR handler about how these ramens are the recipe of some supposed ramen sensei from Japan is gonna change that, alright. Yeah, it’s light years better than ajisen, but that’s trash tier.

However, the God Ramen ($15++) has put a pretty meaty dent in that perception. The broth was much thicker than many other ramen broths out there, and the broth was both overbearingly salty & sweet at the same time, oddly enough. It proved too much to bear, and I left a good deal of it behind. However, that perfectly cooked pork belly shabu shabu was worth its weight in gold. If gold was edible & delicious, that is.⠀

Seriously, the over-abundance of stellar shabu shabu alone was worth the $15++ I paid. Sure, the broth is too intense on it’s own, but it’s the perfect, salty soulmate for the pork belly. On God.⠀