I believe this is familiar to everyone but interestingly, I actually never had this before.

This is the all famous Shiok Maki ($18.80) from Koh Grill & Sushi Bar, and my oh my I see why it's so famous. I got the gen 1 series which comes with unagi, and it's so generously drenched with some mayonnaise sauce and loads of tobiko. The fresh unagi and salmon pieces within, accompanied by the rich yet tangy sauce and umami from the tobiko, finally with the smoky flavours from the torch, this maki really lived up to it's name. Absolutely lovely. I had the whole maki to myself and it wasn't a problem!

The Yaki Udon ($12) was also good, with sweet savoury flavours and some smokiness from the stir fry. Love the chewy texture from the udon noodles!

Definitely back for more of the shiok maki!