🥞 Strawberry Cheese Charcoal MJK
📍Munchi Pancakes (@munchipancakes)
📌 Yishun Park Hawker Centre
💰 $1.80
🤑 《BREADINOSAUR》for $5 off on @pickupp.sg

LOOK AT ALL THE FILLINGS!!!! WOW!!!!!! Munchi Pancakes hasnt disappointed me yet because LOOK AT HOW THICCCCCCC the ratio of filling to pancake is probably 4:1 MUNCHI PANCAKES STAY WINNING!!!!!

Anyways. The strawberry cream cheese filling is smooth and creamy with a natural strawberry taste scattered throughout. The pancake is soft and overall, one of the best MJKs I've had.

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⭐ Rating: 9.2/10
🤑 worth the price: yes
🦖 would I buy again: yes
💍 would I marry: yes

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