Went on a Saturday, it was quiet and not crowded. It’s nice to just hang out with friend and have chat there.

Cheesy chicken have sides of fries and salad. Fries are like usual thick fries, not that consistent with the crispiness. The salad is nice and basic with Japanese sesame sauce. The cheese on the chicken is amazing! Two types of cheeses: nacho and slice cheese torched to slightly charred. It adds so much flavour. However, there’s the fatty layer on the chicken that’s quite thick and a little bit of a turn off for me.

The carbonara is topped with an egg yolk and ham. The egg yolk was runny and adds creaminess to the pasta. This is one of the good carbonara out there thats not overly milky but still creamy at the same time. However, should eat it fast while it’s hot. A bit jelat when it’s cold.