Big Breakfast
Very typical big breakfast. But loving that there’s hash brown. The scrambled egg is perfectly cooked. Mushroom and sausage is nice. The sour dough was too hard for me. Overall it’s nice to have.

French Toast
It’s interesting as it’s thick toast. It’s not those french toast that’s eggy. The main highlight of this dish is the caramelised bananas. Crispy caramel coats the banana adding additional sweetness, it’s very sweet (beware)

But to be honest, it’s very expensive if not for burpple. French toast was $17, and it’s just one thick toast with banana and some berries.

Baked Mac & Cheese
Baked with generous cheese and mushrooms. Served together with one garlic bread at the side. Strong truffle oil aroma hits you immediately upon putting into your mouth. Not for you if you don’t like truffle oil. It’s a decent baked mac and cheese.

Bacon and Onion Pizza
Cream based pizza topped with bacon, onions and cheese. Toppings are ordinary. The dough is soaks where is toppings are places however the corners are crispy. I really like the dough at the corner.

Overall, it’s a quiet and nice place to chill. We were the only customers there. The service is great, people are friendly when taking orders and clearing plates.

Entire dish: 8/10

Pancakes are fluffy and tastes a little eggy. I love that the butter soaks into the pancake and adding on caramel sauce adds very nice sweetness, great alternative to maple syrup. The vanilla ice cream is just normal.

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No need descriptions, I’m sure everyone loves Din Tai Fung 100/10

The fried rice never fails to wow me!! And the vinegar chilli oil wanton is always so impressive. Little long bao is soupy and warms up my belly on Christmas Eve.

Umami Roasted Chicken Pizza
It gave me a surprise by how amazing it is. This pizza is not ur typically pizza, it is thin crusted topped with chicken, cherry tomato, jalapeño, BBQ sauce, mayo and bonito flakes. It is slightly spicy, tangy and bursting umami flavours. PLEASE GET THIS!!

Truffle Carbonara
On the other hand, this does not stand out as much as the pizza. It was still a decent truffle carbonara with very well sautéed mushrooms. The egg was too overcooked, the yolk did not flow and blend into the carbonara sauce so I was disappointed.

To conclude, please order the umami roasted chicken pizza.

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Breakfast Set
is like typical big breakfast set. I love the croissant it’s flaky and buttery, and airy! If you like this kind you will love this. If you prefer chewy croissant then maybe not. The sausage was meh for me, maybe I’m just not the fan of the spices they used (can’t identify the spices). The scrambled egg and mushroom is really nice, however not much flavour into it. 🥐🍳🥓

Bacon cream pasta
It is thick and creamy. A typical creamy pasta that gets jelak (too much) after a while. It’s a can’t go wrong cream based pasta. 🍝

ITS AMAZING!! it’s sweet and savoury ALSO ADDITIVE. I can’t stop eating it, I ate the fries more than the mains. If you got tired of truffle fries, this is something you should switch to! 🍟

The mochi donut is super chewy, drizzled with caramel sauce that gives sweetness to it. Biscuit was used to separate the soft serve ice cream with the mochi donut, it prevents sogginess and a messy mess. Which I love it. The biscuit remains crispy for a long time too. I think the ice cream it’s a bit too sweet for me, together with the donut it’s really sweet. The entire dish is yummy however not something that I think I can finish by myself.

Can’t remember the actual name of the dish, but it’s the bottom dish showed in the photo.
Rating: 8.5/10

The croissant below is crispy flaky and buttery, a decent piece of croissant. Topped with scrambled egg above as shown. But the star of the show is the cream sauce with mushroom and spinach. The cream tastes like cream soup / cream chowder soup. I feel like it complements the creamy scrambled egg really well. However the croissant gets a bit soggy after a while, but then it means it soaks all the flavour from the creamy egg. Overall I really like this dish, it’s also a dish that’s very hard to go wrong.

The another dish I did not get to try, but my friend told me it’s good to I guess it’s worth a try too. It’s really pretty too!

The white coffee has a very robust coffee flavour, it has the bitterness of coffee and it’s not very sweet. The layer of whipped cream adds really nice creaminess and thickness to the mouthfeel of the coffee. The cocoa bits adds some bites to the drink, I think it’s a very nice dimension.

Matcha latte is really nice too. I was not having high expectation as matcha latte can go wrong very easily. But this is higher than my expectation. It’s smooth with matcha flavour. I think the matcha flavour can be stronger, other than that it’s a good drink.

The Christmas special peppermint mocha didn’t have peppermint flavour. It tastes the worse out of all the drinks we ordered. But the look is really cute.

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The pesto pasta is full of pesto flavour, if you love pesto, you will love it. There are bits of prawn in the pasta, adds a really nice seafood flavour to this dish. However, will prefer if they put whole prawn instead of small bits of it. For the price, whole prawn will look more pricey.

The seared salmon is really delicious, it’s well cooked. the meat is really tender. I love the bell pepper and baked potato together with the salmon. It feels a lot healthier.

The mentaiko pasta looks meh but it’s really yummy and flavourful. Don’t get deceived by the appearance.

However the pizza on another hand was mehhh. The dough was good though, it’s chewy. During payment, the cashier told me to get burrata pizza instead. If y’all are going, do get that!

Studied food science in Polytechnic, trying to use my sensory science skills to give reviews

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