🐟 Mala Tuna ($2) (9/10)
Was surprised at how much I loved this bun cuz I usually don't eat tuna but the tuna taste isn't too fishy, and the mala taste is πŸ’― The fillings are sooo generous! Aside from just tuna and sauce filling, there's also onions inside, providing a nice crunch. Super flavourful and delicious! The only thing is that it's very salty, the saltiness can be toned down a bit.

❀ Mala Floss ($2) (8.5/10)
Was surprised to cut this open and have floss just SPILLING out because usually buns with floss fillings aren't very generous, but this bun definitely is! The floss is infused with mala taste, making it slightly spicy with that mala aftertaste. The bread is on the chewy side and has a bit of mala sauce swirled on top. Another really good bun, great for floss lovers like me! The floss can be a bit dry though so maybe there can be a bit of sauce inside the bun too!

🌽 Mala Corn ($1.70) (8.4/10)
The simplest bun of all, this has soft bread topped with mala sauce and corn. It sounds ordinary but is packed with sooo much flavour from the spicy mala sauce and the sweet corn! Also really liked this, tastes like a classic fragrant bakery bread.

Really like the mala-ness in each of these breads, they're spicy (but not breathe fire-level spicy) and have that signature peppercorn aftertaste. Super good and if you had to try just one, I'd recommend the mala tuna cuz WOW those flavours just kick!