Ever since then, I have been thinking and craving for it till that evening when I was around the area. I am neither a huge eater nor fan of oysters and for such oyster omelette, I will usually just go straight in for the fried eggs and not the fresh oysters. However, for this plate, I was enjoying it so much that I have no difficulty in eating the fresh oysters at all. At Hup Kee, you can either get the crispy or gooey version of oyster omelette and my preferred will be the former. The ultimate one-biter is to take your chopsticks and kiap some of the crispy fried egg, a fresh oyster, spring onion and dip it into the chilli sauce before putting it into your mouth.
✨ Hup Kee Fried Oyster
📍 549 Geylang Road, Sing Lian Eating House, Singapore 389504
🍴 [Self Funded]