I’m always deterred from trying this popular stall due to the constant snaking queue.

It comes as a total surprise to see there is no customers waiting in line. I quickly placed my order despite finishing a full meal just 10 minutes earlier.

Ordered their dry u mian {no chilli 🌢} with minced meat, sliced mushrooms, ikan bilis, vegetables and abalone slices.

The u mian vaguely reminds me of the Heng Hwa-style lor mee / handmade noodles that my mom used to cook a few decades back.

It has a nice springy texture mixed with less salty and slightly sweet-savoury dark soy sauce. Taste-wise, I feel that the concentrated dark sauce somewhat overpowers the flavours of all the ingredients.

While, the bowl of soup on the side has a robust and flavourful base β€” such a joy! 🫢🏻

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