[Available on Burpple Beyond] If there’s one thing that L’eclair excels in, it’s the way they manage to capture the flavours.

Every eclair is not just a delicious choux pastry, but a meticulously designed one that takes into consideration of how each component will hit your tastebuds and palate – especially the brightly-flavoured pineapple custard-cream and the immediately-gratifying pineapple compote that is taking cover in the choux puff. 😍 The finesse and the flair that you can find in one of these is insane. This is truly the work of a pastry chef who doesn’t just have the mastery at what they do, but the unwavering fervour for what they do.

I think this felt like a refreshing and new experience to eat a Pineapple tart even though it doesn’t stray far off from the original in many ways. This has floored me. Without a doubt, they deserve a score like this one. 🤘🏽(9/10)