And now we get to @sambaesg signature: rice bowls. Sambae’s Sotong Rice Bowl is very affordably priced at $7.50 a serve, and the utter deliciousness bowled me right over.⠀

All the delectable & desirable qualities of the sambal chili that I expounded upon in my previous review is turned up to eleven here. I recall Chef Noel informing me that he does tweak the sambal slightly to differentiate the sotong from the stingray, and this one is different alright. It’s thicker in consistency, and I’m dead certain its sweeter than the one on the stingray.⠀

That additional sweetness is perfect on the felicitously fresh squid rings, complementing the mild brininess & sweetness of the ocean fresh squid. Each & every ring had the trademark perfect bite of a stunningly fresh squid: bouncy & snappy at first bite before turning tender upon further mastication. The combo of spicy, salty & sweet from the scintillating sambal and the delightful chew from the squid was a marriage made in food heaven.⠀

The steamed Japanese short grain rice was completely undressed, but the onsen egg did help to lubricate it a little despite lacking a runny yolk. The shaved pickles on the side were perfect as a palate cleanser, but it might be for the best if those zesty pickles were swapped for a serving of sambal kangkong. That way, the rice would be adequately saucy due to the salty, runny sauce that naturally accompanies the stirfried veggie.⠀

In all honesty, the rice being under-sauced is a bit of a nitpick, because this sensational sambal sotong rice bowl is worthy of being anybody’s bae.⠀

Thanks for having us, @sambaesg!