Hidden in KINEX is this tea shop (Little Red Dot Tea) that specialises in specific tea flavours, and the interesting thing is that it does not have pearl add ons! Despite that, the tea flavours are really good. We had the White Peach Oolong Latte ($4.30 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and the Very Grape Tea ($6.80 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond). The White Peach Oolong Latte was smooth and fragrant and not too milky! The white peach taste was not artifical tasting at all. The Very Grape Tea was really fruity with the whole grape pieces that were at the bottom, but we felt abit scammed because 40% of the drink was foam. Nonetheless, both drinks were refreshing and I can see myself buying the latte even without the 1 for 1!

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