Truth be told, I have never tried Sarawak Laksa before, until my 2 Teachers from Sarawak recommended this one by Tasty Sarawak Kolo Mee which happened to be a stone’s throw away from my house. Surely, it has to be authentic since it has been validated and seems like it’s the closest to what they get back home of all those they have tried in Singapore.

Not to discuss authenticity for us, but more of finding out how Sarawak laksa tastes like and how different it is from its Penang counterpart. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as spicy as I thought although the red broth appeared fiery. In fact, it exuded aroma of a complex spice blend which could well contain turmeric. Lip-smacking even if it wasn’t the thick, creamy consistency that we are familiar with. The thin Beehoon used here reminded of a firm texture somewhat like the 过桥米线, which goes pretty well with the broth. Some side toppings such as prawns and shredded omelette that characterise this dish can also be spotted. Happy to hear from more Sarawakians if this is comforting to satisfy any cravings for a taste of home!

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