It's been some time since I've been to Chomp Chomp Food Centre, and I feel like the prices have risen quite a bit since 🫠 wonder if it's because it has become much more touristy that before 😂 Nonetheless, the food here is still pretty good! Here's what I've got:

Hokkien Mee ($5 medium portion) from Chia Keng Fried Hokkien Mee - many people don't seem to stand by this, but this portion we had was delicious! The portion may be smaller than usual, but it was packed with seafood flavour with every bite. There wasn't much alkaline flavour and it was starchy in a nice way. Prawns were a miss but the pork lard pieces were just glorious with the noodles 😍

Sambal Stingray ($20 medium portion) from Hai Wei Yuan - may be expensive, but they did give quite meaty pieces. There was little fishy odour and the meat was flaky, juicy and smoky! Sambal was not really spicy, but flavourful. Good enough to share among 3!

Oyster Omelette ($9 medium portion) from Ang Sa Lee - quite decent, the oysters were plump and fresh and there was alot more egg than flour in this rendition! Chilli was okay, just wished it was more savoury.

Pork and Chicken Satay and Chicken Wings from Traditional Hai Nam Fang - now these stole our hearts 😍 the satay meat were so smoky, flavourful and tender 🥹 perfect with the peanut pineapple satay sauce given. The chicken wings were also well flavourful and smoky too! Definitely a good sharing dish here!

Somehow drinks are in enormous portions 😂 this can be a place to consider having a good dinner with friends! Although it can be abit inconvenient to get to 😂