Had a great time at TAP after work especially after a long day! TAP Craft Beer Bar is known for their extensive selection of craft beers and indeed I was spolit for choice. They allow you to taste the beers before choosing and I settled upon Jing A Ale ($14 for jumbo glass).

The taste profile of Jing-A Ale is of a light one, definitely not hoppy like the pale ales and very refreshing. There is a hint of mandarin citrus, which really brightens up the aftertaste of the beer. Definitely a good choice even for non beer drinkers!

We realised that there was a 1 for 1 Bites promotion, and we got a variety. One of the top hits were definitely the curly fries ($11) which were fried to perfection. Savoury with good seasoning, the fries were very morish and the generous portion soon disappeared.

Another mention would be the popcorn chicken ($18), which although seemed pretty pricey, it came in a generous portion and they were not too hard. The meat within was still quite substantial and juicy. Perfect bar food!

Located right smack in the CBD area, its a good place to come down to wind down after a hard day's work!

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