This is one of the few stalls with 不见天or Secreto char siew added to their Wantan mee.
For $7, you get 9 slices of the prized cut of pork, barbecued and glazed.

Honestly, this is a fattier cut of pork compared with your average char Siew made from loin meat. The slices I got today were especially so, so by the time I finished my plate of noodles, I was feeling queasy.

The noodles were blanched just right. So add their chilli sauce on top of their pickled green chilli. The two wantons were small but full of flavour. The soup, from boiling all the wantans, is a little salty and umami.

The rare cuts of pork aside, the wantan mee comes nowhere close to those in our neighbouring country. Good to try it once and see if the fatty layer and they chewiness suits you. If not, stick to the standard fare.