Throw back to my visit to @thekindbowlsg a plant-based Vietnamese eatery, born in line with the current global effort to โ€˜Go Greenโ€™ and the greater awareness of the health benefits. The menu items can be prepared allium-free upon request and the menu is straightforward, you get 5 to 7 main dishes to choose from, along with a few sides and desserts. Staffs are friendly and prices are reasonable. Very authentic Vietnamese taste bursting in every bite. This is one of the tastiest vegan food if not the tastiest.

Taking the classic Banh Mi to the next level with OMNI Luncheon Meat! A hearty medley of flavours using perfectly grilled OMNI Luncheon, bbq & caramelized soy slice, cold cut Vietnamese ham, homemade walnut mushroom pate, fresh pickles and herbs. The baguette is extremely crispy, airy on the outside and soft inside. To further enhance the dining experience, the Banh Mi is serve with bowl of hot & spicy soup! Totally in for a myriad of textures with this special Saigon Delight Banh Mi that is bursting with flavour

The Kind Bowl is a delightful experience. The ingredients use are fresh and the dishes are flavourful. Iโ€™d love to come back again.