At a place where you can get a wide variety of bottled beers, it only makes sense for them to sell the totally irresistable roasted pork knuckles.

And they did. The Pork Knuckle they offer here is definitely well-cooked, with its meat soft and tender from the slow roast, to the point that I almost started making my own pulled pork. And you known that they invested a lot of time in their roasting because the bones can be detached by a simple twist-and-pull. The skin was generally crispy, although there are some portions where the skin started to turn a little chewy.

However, I took a bit of time trying to remove the chunks of fats from under the skin. It is indeed visually disturbing, so I’d rather not post it here.

Sadly, I did not like their Sauerkraut that was served with the pork knuckle. It’s a little marshy for me, so I suppose it might not be as freshly-prepared as I had hope it would be.

The S$28.00 portion is good for two to share.