Kei Kaisendon is a chain of Japanese restaurants around Singapore known for its affordable donburis.

With #BurppleBeyond, you get to enjoy their $32.90++ Burpple Set Menu for 2. You get to choose your mains out of 9 of their more popular donburis, 2 sticks of yakitori, salad, clam miso soup and green tea. That's pretty good value considering that the donburis range between $14 to $19 though I am not sure how it compares to their in-house promos (which is a tad confusing tbh).

We had their Kei Signature Kaisendon for our 1st main. The kaisendon comes topped with marinated salmon, tuna, yellowtail and tako sashimi, diced cucumber, wakame and ikura. Portions are generous considering the price but do temper your expectations as to quality. There is a slightly fishy aftertaste with the sashimi even though a sweet soy sauce marinade was used.

That said, I think you will be hard pressed to find a kaisendon with this quality and quantity at this price point!