What better way to end a week than with a meticulously prepared meal by one very talented individual at this cosy hole-in-the-wall restaurant? Still can’t believe impatient me actually managed to wait a MONTH to dine here...but I guess it made the lunch all the more satisfying😚

For starters, we were served a charcuterie plate comprising champagne ham, pâté (made with ground pork, cognac and pistachio) and a hunk of focaccia. The cold cuts did whet my appetite but what stole the show really was dat thick, doughy, chewy lightly oiled focaccia with a consistency true to European bread - I could almost taste the blood, sweat and TLC put into kneading and baking it (figuratively ofc, no one likes the taste of sweat). Next time I go, please serve me a whole basket’s worth ok?😉