Burpple 1-for-1 Baramuddi Fish & Chips and Laksa Pesta Pasta for $22.65. Not a huge fan of fish & chips but I really enjoyed the one here - fish was fresh and its batter was very crispy. The pasta got the flavours of laksa on point (spice was just nice for me and seafood was very fresh), but the sauce wasn’t as smooth as I expected. Taste of herbs may be too strong for some.

One complaint is the cleanliness of the place.... water was served with stains on the glass 🤢 and wall had an army of ants crawling around (we sat directly in front of the wall and tried to hard to UNsee it) 🤧 we just wanted to finish our meal asap and leave LOL

Do make a reservation in advance as the place is small and lack manpower

⭐️ fish&chips: 4.5/5, laksa pesto pasta: 3.5/5 - worth only with BB