Feature :
🥩Devesa' Argentinian grain-fed OP RIB
A recent addition with bone-in meats, imported from Argentina.
💰$22 for 100g.

A flavoursome loin cut of Australian beef with beautiful marbling.
💰$65 for 300g.

🥩Bone-In Vintage Galiciana Striploin.
Dry-aged for 38 days with a marble beef score of 3+.Deeper, more complex flavours, resulting in a remarkable yellowish hue, well-muscled texture and a rich, beefy flavour.
💰$140 for 400g.

🥩4% Miracle A5 Bara Wagyu.
A seasonal special exclusive in Singapore to boCHINche—served in a tasting platter of flank, skirt, head bara and flap cuts
💰$120 for 200g.

🥦Roast Cauliflower, Pine Nuts, Raisins & Pistachio Pesto.

27 Club Street.