Yes, the lady doesn't have a good temper. I have to speak up for her abit tho, the customers at this FC are sometimes abit weird and do silly things as well, so it's not entire on her that she's not in a good mood generally. In the time I was here I was also getting slightly annoyed at the multitudinous antics I see

Food review:
The char siew has spectacular bite, when it's of a good balance of fattiness and meatiness and is cooked perfectly, to give the bouncy refined texture. However it's not crispy or well charred at all except for the ends, and the glaze really lacks flavour. Not my thing but it's stil objectively well executed

Noodles were very al dente, without the alkaline smell. Sauce was weak too, much like the char siew

Wantons are smaller and have only meat filling, the shuijiaos are bigger with a whole shrimp inside. The meat filling is umami w the addition of some kind of dried seafood cos of the slight funk, and very good. I prefer the smaller unadulterated meat ones

The chili tho, is extremely tangy and works superbly with the sweet sauce to give an impressive depth to the noodles. This singlehandedly makes this plate extremely special

Overall it's worth a try if you like wanton mee, but except for the wantons and the chili I wasn't super impressed w anything in particular

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